Department of Teaching and Learning

Welcome to the Department of Teaching & Learning. We are responsible for curriculum, assessment, educator training, technology implementation, data analysis, and federal programs. Our mission is (in revision process) . Our work is centered around quality instruction, educator effectiveness, high expectations for all students and whole child development. We review data to make informed decisions on curriculum and to develop strategies to provide an equitable education for each student. We are committed to the success of each student and educator in our District.

Department Members:

Title                                              Name                                   Office                                Email

Executive Director                     Heidie Ciesielski                  (810)591-4711                       [email protected]

Technology Director                 Kevin Powers                        (810)591-7749                      [email protected]

CTE Director                              Laura Lemke                         (810)591-2606                     [email protected]

Instructional Specialist            Julie Kazmierski                  (810)591- 1500                     [email protected]


District Improvement Team/School Improvement Chairs 2017-18

Teacher Leaders- Department Chairs 2017-18

FAPS Tech Specialists